Cursive is the Clojure IDE that understands your code.

Advanced structural editing, refactorings, VCS integration and much more, all out of the box.

Built on IntelliJ

Cursive is built on IntelliJ, the most sophisticated Java IDE. Cursive contains all the functionality you've come to expect from JetBrains products, from project management to version control integrations across all platforms. Building on IntelliJ also provides in-editor inspections and seamless Java integration.

Built in Clojure

Cursive is written (almost) entirely in Clojure, allowing us to easily integrate all the fantastic tooling in the Clojure ecosystem (for example, Leiningen and nREPL). And because Cursive is developed with Cursive, we want it to be the best Clojure development environment around!

Cursive provides...

Coming Soon

Cursive will be available as an IntelliJ plugin for use with the Community or Ultimate editions, as well as a standalone Clojure-focused IDE. It will be a commercial product, with pricing to be released soon.

This isn't all ready yet, but if you're interested you can try the plugin version out with our Early Access Program - we'd love to know what you think.

You can discuss Cursive and keep up to date with our mailing lists.

Cursive is an Ideogram production.